INVESTOR-Z (11) 国内最大級 電子書籍 無料 楽しめる

BookLiveのINVESTOR-Z (11)無料サンプル&試し読み

“Society is not reversing.”One day, Sakura Kubota’s mother suddenly tells her she must quit her part-time job and manage a cafe. The ‘cafe’ is uncool and can’t make a profit; as a result, no one takes it seriously. “No way!” However, Sakura’s mother has a plan called “Lock, Stock, and Barrel Entrepreneurship,” and she says that small personal shops are becoming a trend of the coming era. Is this the surprise trick of business!? Meanwhile, the FX Showdown between Zaizen and his rival Shinji Fujita is finally coming to a climax. “I absolutely want to win!!” Having reached the settlement day with the sum of 170 million yen, will Zaizen be able to earn even one yen against the calm machine investments of the genius Shinji? The extraordinary conclusion will he win, will he be defeated find out in Volume 11!!

INVESTOR-Z (11)無料サンプル&試し読み


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INVESTOR-Z (11)の情報概要

作者名 INVESTOR-Z (11)
INVESTOR-Z (11)ジャンル 本・雑誌・コミック
INVESTOR-Z (11)詳細 INVESTOR-Z (11)(コチラクリック)
INVESTOR-Z (11)価格(税込) 540
獲得Tポイント INVESTOR-Z (11)(コチラクリック)